How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

Whether you’ve gotten concerned after watching your pet scratch itself in the living room or a recent flea treatment, it’s natural to be curious about how long fleas can live without a host. We’ve done the research for you and have gathered all the necessary information you should know.

Fleas without a host tend to die within four days due to starvation. Fleas eventually develop dependency on the specific blood the host offers. It’s crucial that they get a continuous source of blood to feed on.

Fleas need to feed on their host after every 12 hours, to remain well-nourished. However, young fleas can survive for 1 week whereas, adult fleas can survive up to 155 days if they stay inside their cocoons without feeding. 

Dog Scratching Fleas
Dog sitting on grass scratching fleas.

Details: How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

Fleas can be a nightmare to deal with for both your pet and you. It’s important that you understand this species well so you can fearlessly eliminate them.

An adult flea can survive for a long time inside its cocoon by slowing down its metabolic activity. If suitable temperature is provided, they stay at a dormant state for as long as 5 months surviving without food. But the state comes to an end once they find a host.

Cool and damp conditions promote their survival for longer periods. That’s why unfed adults can survive for about 15 day when given favorable conditions. Learn how to get rid of fleas so you can stay stress free.

When fleas acquire a host they immediately begin to feed on blood and become dependent on their host. Fleas need to feed at least twice a day to stay nourished. As female fleas reproduce, they tend to die out within 24 hours after being removed from the host.



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