Can Bed Bugs Get in Your Hair? (My Detailed Response)

Wondering if bed bugs can hide in human hair? Can Bed Bugs Get in Your HairWell, maybe you have acarophobia – which is the extreme fear of tiny bugs. Relax, we are many like yourself out here! 

But how and where do bed bugs hide? It’s a fact that fleas or lice will hide in people’s hair. Also, bed bugs don’t jump – they’ll crawl on bed frames, carpets, and floor. But, can bed bugs get in your hair?

The simple answer is, NO, bed bugs won’t live in your human hair – like fleas or lice do. The bed bug’s body and legs lack crawls or hooks to allow them to crawl through hair. 

But, they may still bite your exposed skin – neck, cheeks, fore-head, and scalp. 

Details: Do Bed Bugs Live In Human Hair?

Bed bugs will mainly hide, after sucking human blood, in secluded and dark locations in your home – including floorboard cracks, walls, furniture, and bed-frame. After talking their blood meal, bed bugs will slowly crawl to their hiding places – from where they’ll digest the blood.

Thus, bed bugs might actually crawl across or on top of your hair when searching for your bare or exposed skin. Also, bed bugs may briefly contact your hair or simply crawl over it like the ones at the back of the arm of your hand.

These tiny bugs (4.5 mm or 0.18 inches) are about the size of an apple seed…see the pictures here.

Can Bed Bugs Ever Go Into Your Hair? 



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